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Tier Point Run to Sofia in Jun 2023: Prep

By Nige on Fri 02 Jun 2023 at 11:56
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Story: Tier Point Run to Sofia in Jun 2023
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In doing final prep for this trip, I noticed that BA had changed not only the times of both flights I was due to be on today, but also the Heathrow terminal I was due to depart from.

Prior to Covid times, the flight to Sofia departed from Heathrow T3; as with all T3 BA flights during the Covid pandemic, it moved to T5.

Now BA has moved the Sofia flights back to T3. In some respects that’s great for me! I haven’t visited T3 for a while now and I do love a bit of lounge hopping!

I was successful in checking in online for both flights: the outbound and the return due to be flown on the same day. I was taking advantage of a same plane turnaround (or back to back – aka a B2B).

Airports vary in their ability to support B2Bs. Sofia is one of the easiest ones since it involves getting off the plane, loitering a while and then getting back on.

However you look at it, I was looking forward to my first flight for a few months!

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Sofia in Jun 2023

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