Review of the New JFK T8 BA/AA Lounges

This is my review of the new BA/AA lounges at the new combined hub at New York's JFK at Terminal 8 (T8).

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At Dante's View in Death Valley
At Dante's View in Death Valley


By Nige on Mon 26 Sep 2022 at 17:57
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We are Nigel and Vicky Billingham and we have been documenting our holidays, trips and events since 2006. This all started off with a dream trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. It then took off in a big way from 2012.

We now live in Oxfordshire in a little village south of Abingdon with our two cats: Mango and Chutney. We try to play our part in the local community and help others whenever we can.

We have our sights set on retiring fairly soon, so hopefully we will be able to document more of our life experiences here.

Thanks for looking us up.

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Nige is one of the co-founders of The Billingham Blog and works as a freelance management consultant. He loves to fly in his spare time!

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