Creating our New Garden in Apr 2019

What about our garden? This series of posts explains how we went about designing and building the garden in our new home.

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Welcome to The Billingham Blog!

By Nige on Wed 28 Sep 2022 at 09:13

Welcome to The Billingham Blog! This is a record of Nigel and Vicky Billingham’s journey through life, primarily focusing on holidays, trips and events.

We are in the process of migrating our blog over from tumblr, which became far too restrictive with limited opportunities to expand. So we are hosting ourselves now with Hostinger.

That means it’s going to take us a while to migrate stories over, refine them and manage links to flickr photos. So bear with us!

Update on Migration Progress

  • 03/12/2022 – All 2022 stories have now been migrated.

Recent Announcements

Here you will find a list of our recent announcements. Hopefully you can find something you are interested in!

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Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023

This is the third in a trilogy of trips to Honolulu in the space of a little over 2 months. This is another trip starting in Budapest and follows the well-trodden path of flying over to Hawaii via London Heathrow, New York JFK and Los Angeles LAX

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