Weekend in Tallinn in Apr 2017

Haven’t I just been to Tallinn? On a TP run to Estonia via Heathrow and Helsinki? Yes I have. This time I’m taking Vick to actually walk around the place and see whether it’s as nice as everyone says it is!

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Arrivals at Heathrow T3
Arrivals at Heathrow T3
Arrivals at Heathrow T3
Arrivals at Heathrow T3

Tier Point Run to Sofia in Dec 2023: Day 1 – London Heathrow to Home

By Nige on Sat 02 Dec 2023 at 23:30
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Story: Tier Point Run to Sofia in Dec 2023
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After a quick walk using the travelators back to Passport Control and only waiting a few mins for a shuttle bus to take me to Business Parking, I had to find my car!

That took longer than I would have hoped, having forgotten which bus stop I got on at! Doh!

The car was frozen, so I had the climate on defrost for a few mins to ensure I had good visibility. That warm air stayed on for most of the way home.

I then spent a good 5 mins at the car park barriers negotiating my way out of the car park. Normally, I am greeted when I first enter the car park with a recognition of who I am as a result of ANPR – that didn’t happen today. When I drove up to the barrier, the cbarrier normally just automatically opens, but not today.

I suspected there was some sort of system issue when another vehicle appeared to be struggling with the same problem.

Once out and on the M4, although cold, the roads were safe. I did turn off the air con close to turning on to the A34, but I could tell the windscreen was starting to freeze up again by the noise the windscreen washers were starting to make! It was obviously a tad colder than I originally thought.

The only time the car gave me any feedback about the roads being a tad slippy was when I got home and I needed to back onto the drive.

I arrived back at around 12:15am and the neighbours were still up in the garden enjoying themselves. Mad!

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Sofia in Dec 2023

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