Weekend in Bletchley Park in Sep 2018

A relaxing weekend away to Bletchley Park with the Starbucks crew including a slap-up steak dinner in the Carrington Arms restaurant.

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Budapest airport
Budapest airport
Budapest airport
Budapest airport

Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Nov 2022 – Day 6 – Heathrow to Home

By Nige on Tue 15 Nov 2022 at 22:42
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Story: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Nov 2022
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One final thing to highlight on my way out of Heathrow: Passport Control! There were quite a few passengers queueing up for the automated kiosks at 9pm, so I didn’t even bother trying my passport again, especially after being advised this morning that my passport will never work at the automated kiosks.

I was directed to a lovely woman who checked my passport. Alongside her was a younger lady that was also wearing the same uniform. When I was asked where I had come from and whether Budapest was nice, I obviously said I had no idea whether it was nice or not, since I just flew in and flew straight back. That led to a good 3-5 min discussion about TP Running and the younger lady had just got herself an Amex for earning Avios. It was all really nice and the first time I have ever had a meaningful conversation with any border staff. I walked away with a real smile on my face.

I picked up Vick’s car without too many challenges and headed out of the car park. It was after 9pm so I expected it to be fairly quiet on the roads. The M25 was pretty easy and the M40 was ok other than two instances of workmen in the road, setting up for roadworks starting tomorrow.

Back home by 10:15pm and everyone was curled up on the sofas in the lounge waiting for me to get home. It’s always good to get home any time of the week, but especially so after a few days away on my own.

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Nov 2022

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