Tier Point Run to Sofia in Dec 2023

This is another installment of my series of TP runs to Sofia. In June and July of 2023, I did a number of trips out to Sofia, just to collect TPs. There was another opportunity in Dec 2023 to collect more cheap TPs, so here I am!

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On the way back from Cancun
On the way back from Cancun
On the way back from Cancun
On the way back from Cancun

Tier Point Run to Cancun in Jan 2014: Day 2 – Cancun (CUN) to Miami (MIA)

By Nige on Thu 02 Jan 2014 at 16:27
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Story: Tier Point Run to Cancun in Jan 2014
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Once I was in the CUN departure lounge I headed straight to the Starbucks, and got my normal Venti Caramel Macciato.

Walked to the gate and again timed it perfectly for the call and was first on. Smiled when I saw it was the same crew and I got special treatment from then on.

I got two sets of biscuits for the way back – I assume I looked like I needing feeding!

I dozed for most of the flight, so I wasn’t aware of that much going on, but I appreciated the attention of the Senior FA always checking I was ok.

When I left the flight and highlighted that I had enjoyed spending the last 5 hours with the Senior FA (Theresa), she said she was surprised I wasn’t going with them to Grand Cayman. She was shocked when I said I had done that run 3 weeks earlier!

Anyway back to MIA and through Global Entry in a jiffy – I am so pleased we enrolled in this – it makes mileage runs so much easier to deal with. Note that the GE kiosks have finally all been fixed and were very busy today. I had another laugh with the final GE guy who took the receipt off me – same subject – why would I do this?

From stepping off the plane to getting through GE, through connections security fast track, and into the lounge it was 15 mins which is great. I now have some time to relax and get a bite to eat. Next flight isn’t until 4pm.

The greeter in the Admiral’s Club recognised me and allowed me straight upstairs. I then asked for a shower and met the same lady who sorted my return boarding cards out for me. When she said “you haven’t gone anywhere yet have you?” she nearly fell off her chair when I told her.

Shower was fab – I need to bring a spare pair of socks and a clean t shirt next time, but other than that feel nicely refreshed.

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Cancun in Jan 2014

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