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A beautiful view of Hawaii
A beautiful view of Hawaii
A beautiful view of Hawaii
A beautiful view of Hawaii

Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013: Day 1 – Manchester to Brussels

By Nige on Thu 22 Aug 2013 at 14:00
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Story: Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013
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Finally we are on way. Finished off those last minute jobs. Vick packed her face cream and I threw a few bits and bobs in a bag. And then we were away, 15 mins behind schedule mind.

Airport was quiet and although we had an argument with a Belgian who didn’t appreciate the finer points about British queuing, we were quickly through fast track security and into the Aspire lounge (which is very nice since the revamp).

Thought about taking some photos for FlyerTalk but felt a bit embarrassed so didn’t. Anyway all looking good so far. Waiting to board the Brussels Airlines turboprop to BRU.

The Sheraton airport hotel we switched to at the last minute is reported to be 39 steps from the airport, but I have to say I lost count after 40, so we will have to submit a complaint about that. Lots of construction work going on around the airport. The hotel looks swish when checking in, and we were even asked whether we wanted a view of the outside or the inside, and whether we wanted a room close or far from the elevator – good start. Not sure why anyone would ever want a view of the inside though?

The room did have a view – of a car park, and I could see a plane in the distance, so I guess that is classed as a view! Room was very nice. Decided to avoid the embarrassment of taking photos with my DSLR, I’d take a few snaps with my phone – slightly less conspicuous. Not that should really be a problem when there are just the two of us in the room though eh?

Stayed in the hotel for dinner @ Gulliver’s which was very pleasant. Waiters weren’t very intelligent, but we eventually managed a large Effe Blonde, a red wine and I ordered a Club Sandwich. The waiter described the large salad to Vick like an angler described the big fish he lost out on, and was in the end very disappointed with the feeble small salad she ended up with. However I did notice a few chips disappear off my plate when I wasn’t looking so I assume she managed some nourishment from my side of the table.

Initial photos coming soon.

Mrs B here now – personally I found Brussels airport disappointing – there was a big sign saying “Kiss and Ride: pick-up point” so I hung around for half an hour and the tastiest man I saw was dressed as a Belgian chocolate.

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