Review of the New JFK T8 BA/AA Lounges

This is my review of the new BA/AA lounges at the new combined hub at New York's JFK at Terminal 8 (T8).

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On final approach into Heathrow On final approach into Heathrow
On final approach into Heathrow

Weekend in Stockholm in Aug 2023: Day 5 – London (LHR) to Home

By Nige on Tue 22 Aug 2023 at 20:25
Story: Weekend in Stockholm in Aug 2023
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Tags: LHR | London | Weekends

After an amazing weekend in Stockholm, we were on our final leg, driving back home to see our furry friends, who were eagerly waiting our return.

It only took a few minutes from the over-whelming emotion of being able to get through the automated passport kiosks at Heathrow to getting back to The Sofitel, London Heathrow.

A short walk through the hotel, down some steps and we were back in the car driving out of the hotel car park. On our way back home to see the pussy-cats.

The drive back was a bit of a pain. There was a 3 hour queue on the M25. Luckily, we didn’t have to deal with too much of that. The Sat Nav took us along the M4, so other than dodging the speed cameras, it was all relatively painless.

Mango and Chutney weren’t too bothered when we opened the side door to the house. They just thought it was another opportunity to ask for food!

Follow the whole story here: Weekend in Stockholm in Aug 2023

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