Tier Point Run to San Antonio in Jul 2017

Another new one for me: a TP run to San Antonio in Texas. It was great to see somewhere new.

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A view from a flight back to the UK
A view from a flight back to the UK
A view from a flight back to the UK
A view from a flight back to the UK

Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014: Day 9 – Houston (IAH) to Chicago (ORD) to Manchester (MAN)

By Nige on Thu 09 Jan 2014 at 20:55
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Story: Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014
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First Leg of my Journey Home done – I’m in the lounge at IAH, just under 3 hours to my flight to ORD.

I got up at 4am on purpose so that hopefully I’ll sleep at 6:30 pm tonight, as that will be 2:30 am UK time and the rest of the UK will be asleep so should I.

Did some work, had porridge for brekkie and Duncan picked me up at 7am to drive me to the airport.

One and a half hours later – we arrived and I must say that living this life that Nigel has provided has its perks – so I went straight to the front of the check-in queue as I’m flying business class (made sure everything is okay with Chicago – so far so good) then as I now get ‘TSA PRECHECK’ printed on my boarding pass I’m straight to the front of that queue too and no need to get my laptop or liquids out of my bag or take my shoes off cos I’m a Trusted Traveller – yay!

That was all lovely but my spirits dropped a little in the United lounge – frankly I’d be just as well off sitting in the Starbucks outside, which actually I will do soon to get my daily fix. No loos, no fresh milk, no fresh fruit.

The only advantage is access to power points. I’m hoping the Flagship Lounge in Chicago is better – certainly it sounds that way. So now I’m realising how spoilt I am.

Follow the whole story here: Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014

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