Tier Point Run to Malta/Jersey in Oct 2014

Headed off for a weekend on a Tier Point to take me over the 7,000 TP level to earn another GUF2.

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Another AA aircraft at the airport
Another AA aircraft at the airport
Another AA aircraft at the airport
Another AA aircraft at the airport

Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014: Day 5 – Houston

By Nige on Sun 05 Jan 2014 at 20:45
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Story: Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014
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My worries last night abut the noise from next door were happily unfounded. I put the a/c on and it’s so noisy i was in a little bubble of my own, had a great sleep and woke up later than usual.

It’s a bit ‘groundhog day’ re the hotel breakfast – ‘oatmeal please, no cranberries’ but it’s fine. Then back up to my room with a Sbux (Bistro closes at 10 am so you gotta get it before then else no chance – no other Sbux within walking distance).

Did some work, ‘watched’ the Liverpool match on BBC text commentary, skyped my parents (bet they didn’t say that much in the olden days).

N arrived at Miami all excited because Nigel Lythgoe from Pop Idol was going through immigration with him. Sad bugger.

Anyway the highlight of my day has just been and gone. Kim, one of the Risktec consultants, and his wife Jane took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden. The food was fine, not brilliant, but they were great fun and I felt really looked after.

My room was being serviced so I’m sitting in the lounge of the hotel updating this. Hope the maid changes the sheets – I’ve left a note but it’s in English, not Spanish, so who knows what might be there when I return.

Just had excited text from N to say that Nigel Lythgoe is on the next plane with him. Wonder if he’s doing a mileage trip too!

Follow the whole story here: Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014

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