Weekend to Dusseldorf in May 2015

Popped over to visit Dusseldorf for the first time, to allow me to start a TP run to Indonesia. We looked forward to visiting a new place.

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Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014: Day 3 – Houston

By Nige on Fri 03 Jan 2014 at 20:42
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Story: Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014
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What a great day. Everyone is just so nice here, so welcoming and really seemed to enjoy my training course.

Started the train-the-trainer training at 8am and left the office about 6pm, thinking of an early night but 7 of us ended up going out to a bar and having a great laugh.

Everyone really cares about me being stuck in the no-dinner hotel on my own and is offering to take me out all over the weekend.

Cindy is picking me up tomorrow morning to take me to the mall. I offered to do some Powerpoint work for one of the guys, Kim, and he’s offered to take me out for lunch with his wife Janie on Sunday.

Annette gave me a lift back to the hotel and offered to have dinner with me whenever. They are so hospitable and I’m having a lovely time with them.

Follow the whole story here: Work Trip to Houston in Jan 2014

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