Holiday to Italy in Oct 2020

Our first proper holiday since lockdown started. We have always wanted to visit Pompeii!

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Tier Point Run to Los Angeles in May 2024: Day 1 – Prep

By Nige on Tue 14 May 2024 at 08:42
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Story: Tier Point Run to Los Angeles in May 2024
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This trip is based on one of the latest good value trips, originating somewhere in Europe and ending in Spain. For some reason, this open jaw arrangement reduced an already relatively cheap trip by a few hundred pounds. Can’t complain!

It also gave me the opportunity to do a lucrative B2B at Malaga with Finnair. The route between Helsinki and Malaga generates 140TPs, which is rare for an intra-Europe flight.

This trip is also my first opportunity to go back to Helsinki since Covid. In fact, a Helsinki B2B was my last flight experience before lockdown in 2020. I’ve always loved Helsinki airport and I have fab memories of the airport Hilton, the Starbucks close to passport control and the Premium non-Schengen Finnair lounge.

I can’t wait…

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Los Angeles in May 2024

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