Tier Point Run to Tallinn in Jun 2017

Another TP run to Tallinn! I was off again over a weekend in June and July to top up my TPs. Another chance to try Finnair’s A350 product.

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Starbucks at Heathrow T5
Starbucks at Heathrow T5
Starbucks at Heathrow T5
Starbucks at Heathrow T5

Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022: Day 1 – Home to Heathow

By Nige on Fri 18 Feb 2022 at 10:00
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Story: Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022
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My alarm went off at 3am and I kissed a very dopey wife goodbye, before heading into the shower.  I had been in a really deep sleep.  It’s a shame I had to wake myself when I was ‘so away with the fairies’.

Left home just before 3:30am, at the start of Storm Eunice, which had created two red weather warnings for dangerous winds.  I expected it would make flying later in the morning entertaining!  It was relatively warm and dry though, so I wasn’t too concerned about getting to Heathrow.  I did stick to the main roads though, as requested by the Vickster.

If someone hadn’t told me about Storm Eunice, I wouldn’t have been aware of anything out of the ordinary.  There were no signs of strong winds on my trip at all, but I was still pleased as I approached Heathrow.  I was looking forward to getting into the lounge.

I remembered the correct lanes to get into as I approached Heathrow T5 Short Stay, but at the last moment, I veered off right to the normal short stay, as opposed to keeping left and heading into Meet & Greet. 

Well, that led to an annoying 10 mins, initially trying to get up from level 3 to level 4 – you can’t do that; there are barriers stopping you from continuing up the ramp.  Then I decided I would have to exit the car park (which at least was free) and I then got lost driving around Heathrow T5 trying to get back to the roundabout where I could head up to short stay parking again. Got there in the end. 

A quiet Heathrow Terminal 5
A quiet Heathrow Terminal 5
A quiet Heathrow Terminal 5
A quiet Heathrow Terminal 5

I think I must have been the first car into T5 Meet & Greet today, since I caught the guys setting up, so they weren’t quite ready for me.  Dropped my keys off and headed up the lift to level 5 and departures.  It was about 4:30am when I was walking into a fairly quiet Terminal 5.

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022

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