Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Nov 2022

Back into the routine of running for Tier Points at the start of my BA Executive Club membership year.

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Legroom on the flight back to Heathrow
Legroom on the flight back to Heathrow
Legroom on the flight back to Heathrow
Legroom on the flight back to Heathrow

Tier Point Run to Hawaii/San Juan in Feb 2014: Day 9 – Brussels BRU to London Heathrow LHR

By Nige on Thu 06 Mar 2014 at 14:59
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Story: Tier Point Run to Hawaii/San Juan in Feb 2014
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I waited about 20 mins at the Fast Track boarding queue to get back on the plane. I informed the gate agent what I was doing so me diving under the barrier didn’t cause any concerns.

The Fast Track queue ended up containing far more people than the main queue which was amusing. I was in 11C on the flight back (in the cheap seats) and this time there were only 4 rows of CE.

I love clouds!
I love clouds!
I love clouds!
I love clouds!

The flight was mad chocker, and I can really see why it takes so long for a plane to load – people haven’t got a bleeding clue about holding others up.

They amble along, take their coat off, they need to fold this up neatly and put it on their seat, oh no they should put that in the locker, or should they? Yes I will put it in the locker, then they take off their jacket – locker? Yes – go through the same exercise.

I really wanted to say “Get a fricking move on and get out of the way for the queue of pax behind you”, but you can’t can you?

Anyway ended up next to an Irish guy who worked for some works council – they meet their colleagues twice every year and this time it was in Brussels, and basically it’s a jolly and people from countries all around the world basically have dinner on the first night, get pissed, can’t communicate with each other in the evening, then they have to spend 2 days in boring meetings with translators speaking in an ear piece. He wasn’t that impressed with the meetings let’s say.

He was amusing – like all Northern Irish blokes, he’s naturally funny, and he told me loads of tales of getting pissed in New York with free drinks because he is Irish. Anyway, I enjoyed my time with him, but I was pleased to get off the plane and into the safety of the lounge!

The flight only took another 35-40 mins and we landed at a T5 B gate which is first for me, so took a little bit longer to get back to the F Lounge than normal. Anyway, only one flight to go now.

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Hawaii/San Juan in Feb 2014

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