Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Dec 2022

This is another one of those mad dashes across the Atlantic, starting in Budapest, to Heathrow, then onto New York and Los Angeles, before a final hop over to Honolulu.

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Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Feb 2024: Day 1 – Prep

By Nige on Wed 14 Feb 2024 at 09:26
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Story: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Feb 2024
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Another exciting trip to Hawaii that I booked months ago to take advantage of a 180+ day low-cost fare basis. Out of all of the Hawaiian islands, I always choose O’Ahu if I am travelling on my own. There’s so much to see and do in Waikiki and I don’t need to book a hire car to get around.

This is an American Airlines booking, so I’ve not been able to use an upgrade voucher. It’s my first trip through Heathrow T5 since BA closed the The First Wing (TFW) to upgrade the scanners (and reinforce the floor), so it will be interesting to experience the alternative First Wing security arrangements.

The first day of flying is another example of a very long day. I’ll be up at around 3:30am with an hour’s drive to Heathrow Business Parking.

Then I’ll be on the early rotation to Amsterdam, before catching a BA flight to New York JFK and then an AA flight to Los Angeles, where I arrive about midnight local time. That’s a 28-29 hr day for me.

Then I’ll only get about 3-4 hours kip in a hotel room before my final flight to Honolulu. Phew!

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Feb 2024

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