Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Nov 2016

Last TP run of the year – just off to Vegas for a short trip. But there’s nothing ‘just’ about Vegas!

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The Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas airport
The Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas airport
The Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas airport
The Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas airport

Tier Point Run to Grand Cayman in Dec 2013: Day 4 – Las Vegas (LAS) to New York (JFK)

By Nige on Mon 16 Dec 2013 at 10:00
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Story: Tier Point Run to Grand Cayman in Dec 2013
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I was booked on the 06:00 shuttle to the airport but I woke at 03:30 so move this forward to 04:30. This should allow me to get into the Centurion Lounge when it opened at 05:00.

Had a chat with my better half via Skype and made sure everything was fully charged. Glad to see that Arsenal got thumped yesterday – just hope the Pool will do the business at Spurs today now.

Was the second into the CL (boo hoo), and have taken a private nook for my time here. Popped out to get my venti caramel macchiato, which reminds me about photos – will do that in a mo. And have started on a fruit breakfast prior to hot stuff turning up at 06:00. I have to say this is such a nice way to start a day!

Feeling refreshed this morning even though I’ve only had about 4 hours kip. I’ve got a couple more days at work before another trip to the US next week, and that will see me into the New Year.

Just started serving hot breakfast. One item which looks a bit like a pizza with cheese on top is amazing. The scrambled egg and the frittatta I won’t bother with again.

We departed from gate D12 in Terminal 1 at LAS and that doesn’t have the normal set up like the separate queues for priority boarding and general boarding. Interestingly they were early to start boarding and consequently there wasn’t much of a rush to get to the front of the queue. I don’t think there was enough time for that situation to develop.

Flight: AA0044 Equip: n/a
Sched Depart: 08:25 Actual: n/a
Sched Arrival: 16:25 Actual: n/a
Takeoff: n/a Landing: n/a

On board now, and we left a minute early. Had to use one of my festive pack one day passes to get online, which is fine since I wouldn’t have been able to use them all anyway. Will use at least two more next week when we come back to Vegas.

What was funny was that we have the same flight crew as we had on Fri night flying LAS-MIA when the chief attendant couldn’t get the safety video working. Well she had similar problems today as well. Luckily a young attendant must have read up on how to get it working and she saved the day. I had visions of a manual safety demo again!

So Liverpool come out on top against the Spurs winning 5-0. I am one happy bunny. Back up to second place in the league now.

Just got 90 mins to go now. Just been tracking the flight on FlightRadar24 and the number of planes flying in and around New York is unbelievable. We are currently over Lake Michigan. I love this…

Once I arrive at JFK (which should be 10 mins early or so), planning to jump on the All Terminals tram and go back to the Global Entry Enrolment Centre at T4 to get them to sort out the fingerprint problem. Then I’ll head back to T8 and into the Flagship Lounge for an hour before my flight back to Dublin.

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