Tier Point Run to Sofia in Jun 2023

Every year there tends to be a route that offers good value for money when chasing BA Executive Club Tier Points (TPs). For a while now, Sofia (SOF) has been a great place to earn (relatively) low cost TPs.

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Another mural on the wall at Miami airport
Another mural on the wall at Miami airport
Another mural on the wall at Miami airport
Another mural on the wall at Miami airport

Tier Point Run to Grand Cayman in Dec 2013: Day 2 – Las Vegas (LAS) to Miami (MIA)

By Nige on Sat 14 Dec 2013 at 23:31
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Story: Tier Point Run to Grand Cayman in Dec 2013
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I’ve pre-booked 4 day WiFi vouchers with GoGo which are available from midnight on 14 Dec, so if I don’t immediately fall asleep on the next flight I can always connect to the internet and do some surfing.

I’m expecting to use two on this trip and two on our holiday starting next week. They need to be used by the end of Dec – special festive season price.

I really noticed on the last flight how difficult it was finding a comfortable position to sleep in. The back isn’t high enough for me to rest my head back without me looking at the sky, and if I crouch down a bit, my back aches. Thinking about one of those neck cushion things since that would create that extra height to allow me to rest my head back comfortably.

Flight: AA2390 Equip: n/a
Sched Depart: 23:00 Actual: n/a
Sched Arrival: 06:25 Actual: n/a
Takeoff: n/a Landing: n/a

Next update either on board the Miami flight or when I get to Miami.

Another mural on the wall at Miami airport
Another mural on the wall at Miami airport
Another mural on the wall at Miami airport
Another mural on the wall at Miami airport

So there was WiFi on board the flight, but I couldn’t be bothered getting my laptop out of the overhead locker. I did however get online with my mobile, and to my surprise access was free. Anyway kept up to date with email etc – it’s definitely really helpful in keeping boredom at bay.

I managed to doze for 2 hours at the start of the flight, so I turned down the food (bonus points for me). The 738 seat did seem a touch more comfortable than the 757. I then watched the opening episode of The Black List and then got ready for landing.

The one thing that was interesting about this flight was that as we were hurtling down the runway to take off, the chief steward was still fixing things to stop them from being thrown all over the place. To be honest I got the impression that the pilot was in a hurry and he gave no notice to the cabin crew. He only just got into his seat when we started to lift off.

The flight only took a touch shy of 4 hours, so wasn’t too difficult to get through it. Started feeling alive again probably due to the UK timezone being early morning.

Reached the Admiral’s Club at D30 without any hassle and asked one of the assistants to print off my return boarding cards. Fitted in a quick Skype call with Vick, which I shared with the rest of the lounge.

I have to say I am a little underwhelmed by this Admiral’s Club lounge. It’s a bit of a rabbit warren, the breakfast is limited to say the least, and the showers are not much to write home about.

I’ll always fondly remember the showers at the arrivals lounge in Frankfurt which were absolutely amazing. Having said all of that it’s far nicer than having to rough it out on the concourse.

Managed to fit in a visit to Starbucks for my second fix of the trip, a quick look around the shops which were very disappointing, and a relatively unhealthy breakfast at a small eatery, but good value. For $7.99 I got a fair sized minute steak, two eggs, some breakfast potatoes and two slices of toast. Considering where we are they could easily have charged $10-$12 for that lot.

Came back to the lounge after my scout around the shops in time for my second Skype call with Vick – this time I’ll test my headphones out properly so that the entire lounge doesn’t hear Vick swearing!

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Grand Cayman in Dec 2013

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