Holiday to Utah in Aug 2019

This is one of those holidays that we have been hoping to do for years. Utah and the Mighty 5.

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On the way to Los Angeles with BA
On the way to Los Angeles with BA
On the way to Los Angeles with BA
On the way to Los Angeles with BA

Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022: Prep

By Nige on Wed 03 Aug 2022 at 15:40
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Story: Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022
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We have had a few trips turned on their heads recently.  Our first major holiday since Covid at Easter 2022 was due to be based around Yosemite, but we essentially bottled that due to the expected cold weather – we needed some warmth.  So we changed plans and drove south from Las Vegas, visiting Palm Springs, San Diego and Lake Havasu City. 

This time we has planned on going back to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, but due to the flooding encountered in Yellowstone earlier in the year, the road that forms the northern ring would be closed until at least late into the season, so we didn’t think it would be worthwhile.  We decided to defer that trip to another year.

We eventually came up with a long road trip starting in Las Vegas, heading around the northern states, onto the Pacific Coast Highway heading south and back across to Las Vegas.  This would allow us to visit some old haunts but also give us the chance of seeing some new places along the way.

Things have moved on since our last trip at Easter.  The USA no longer requires a covid test prior to departure and we no longer need to wear masks on flights into the country.  It makes things a lot easier.

Unfortunately, Heathrow and BA haven’t kept up with the changes: BA no longer promotes the use of Verifly and insists on passengers uploading evidence of vaccination via their own website.  Unfortunately, the online check in system didn’t allow us to check in online even though their own system confirmed the uploaded documentation was accepted.  There remains Heathrow announcements that masks must be worn on flights to the US!  No doubt the excuse is a lack of staff…

Follow the whole story here: Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022

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