Holiday to Miami Tennis in Mar 2015

Heading to Miami for the Miami Masters Tennis tournament. Primarily for Vick, but I popped over to Grand Cayman and Hawaii.

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Monterey beach
Monterey beach
Monterey beach
Monterey beach

Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022: Day 12 – Early Morning in Monterey

By Nige on Mon 15 Aug 2022 at 10:00
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Story: Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022
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Neither of us had a great night’s sleep: I was awake at 2am and Vick was woken by her Fitbit vibrating as a result of a call from PK’s caring team.  Luckily, we both managed to get back to sleep.

Our Thoughts on the Hilton Garden Inn, Monterey

Always good here.  We got an upgrade into a Junior Suite – again – always good!  The breakfast here is also normally top notch, although we chose not to take advantage of that due to the driving we needed to do. 

When we booked, the price for a king bed was $600 so we booked using points.  When I came to check us in last night, the price had dropped to $250, so may have questioned whether using 70,000 points was value for money or not.

Based on the TV news this morning, it’s car week apparently!  So perhaps the hotel had a number of expo rooms cancelled at the last minute which may explain the drop in price.

Our Thoughts on Monterey

Great place to visit.  Very touristy but has a good selection of restaurants and lots of things to do.  We chose not to do 17-mile drive and we didn’t head down to Carmel either this time.  Both well worth doing.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022

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