Visit up the O2 in Oct 2014

J and I climbed over the top of the O2 at the end of Oct 2014 – great visit – something very different – really pleased we did it together.

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The skyline of Chicago from Grant Park
The skyline of Chicago from Grant Park
The skyline of Chicago from Grant Park
The skyline of Chicago from Grant Park

Holiday to Pacific West Coast in Jun 2012: Day 32 – Munich to Home

By Nige on Thu 05 Jul 2012 at 22:00
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Story: Holiday to Pacific West Coast in Jun 2012
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The flight was ok – ignored the dinner service and we both tried to sleep.  Due to the 4th July, business class was only 25% full – no one in first class either, so we spread out and had a row to ourselves to avoid any interruptions.

Sleep wasn’t very good but (at least for me) the flight seemed to pass fairly quickly.  Vick woke me for breakfast service.

Had an argument with a woman on entry duty at Munich Senator lounge who should have accepted my print outs of gold status as valid means to get into the Senator lounge, but she was a surly woman and booted us into the business lounge instead.  No value in loyalty nowadays.  Complaints have already been submitted to both Lufthansa and Star Alliance.

Lounge is pretty decent actually after the stories I have read on the web.  Showers were very good – managed to cut myself shaving with a razor – first time in a long time – my chin isn’t used to the attention!

Looking forward to getting home now and catching up with J.

Our time in the Munich lounge was fine – flight back was ok – again not many people on board so we had BC to ourselves.

Got home at around 6pm and it was good to see Gill waiting for us in Arrivals.  Load of mail to deal with when we got home.  We rang parents etc, and I left a message for J to ring.  Hopefully we will see him tomorrow.

And that’s about it.  We might just post a quick message to pick out our highlights but the blog is about done, so thanks to everyone for watching!

Stats for Day 32: 0 miles.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday to Pacific West Coast in Jun 2012

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