Holiday to Italy in Oct 2020

Our first proper holiday since lockdown started. We have always wanted to visit Pompeii!

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San Diego
San Diego
San Diego
San Diego

Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013: Day 7 – Palm Springs to San Diego

By Nige on Wed 25 Dec 2013 at 20:05
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Story: Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013
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Merry Christmas everybody!

Forgot to take my melatonin last night again, so was awake at 4am this morning – at least it’s getting later slowly.

On the road to San Diego
On the road to San Diego
On the road to San Diego
On the road to San Diego

Yes, Merry Christmas to everyone who is bothered to read this! It’s odd to be away in a warm climate, it has to be said, but it does make a nice change to be away from the kitchen!

Hopefully we’ll get to Skype some of you later.

Hit breakfast around 6:30am so that we had enough time to fit in calls and Skype with family. Managed to call Mum, Carol and Stan, then Ali, Paul, Steven and Roseanne.

Had planned a Skype call with J but best we could do was a brief telephone call – will catch up properly with J later in the week.

Skype with P+J was a laugh, and we managed to catch up with Andrew and Sam once we had reached San Diego.

A Mexican lunch in San Diego
A Mexican lunch in San Diego
A Mexican lunch in San Diego
A Mexican lunch in San Diego

Hit the road by 9am and was soon on the steep climb up over the hills when the temperature dropped quickly to around 52 deg.

The view as we climbed was magnificent, and we were very pleased (since the top was down) that as we dropped down again the temperature rose quickly up to 80 deg! And it’s December!

We stopped off at the Starbucks at Temequela – it’s nice to go back to these places again – feels great.

We arrived in San Diego and found the hotel ok. Drove into Self Parking with the aim of moving it before incurring $28 parking charge.

Found that the car park next door was only $10, and once I had moved it and I checked at reception that I hadn’t been charged, I was told self parking for me was complimentary! May be moving it back later on.

We went into the Gas Lamp Quarter and got lunch at a Mexican. We tried to go light but every dish is American sized! Anyway held back enough, so that we can enjoy our Christmas Day meal out tonight at Chris Ruth’s Steakhouse.

Had a quick dip in the hotel pool but its not really deep enough – nice pool area. Did manage to sit in the jacuzzi though. So can officially report we have now got wet on holiday.

Walked to Ruth’s Chris Steak House – it was around 1-2 miles. Steak was unbelievably tender but we ordered too many sides, and the waitress didn’t offer any advice. We were also crammed in and didn’t think we had much privacy. Didn’t leave a very big tip and made a run for it.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013

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