Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022

This is the first holiday that we have been on since we headed out to Italy for a week in Oct 2020.

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Vick at The Cheesecake Factory on New Year's Eve
Vick at The Cheesecake Factory on New Year's Eve
Vick at The Cheesecake Factory on New Year's Eve
Vick at The Cheesecake Factory on New Year's Eve

Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013: Day 13 – Las Vegas

By Nige on Tue 31 Dec 2013 at 20:06
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Story: Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013
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This is an admin type day for us. We will be sorting all our paperwork out and making sure we have our own things prior to going our separate ways tomorrow from McCarran airport.

I woke at 3:30am and got up thinking about work, so sorted through emails etc. Not a great deal of activity in Manchester which is good from one perspective (nothing for me to deal with), but also suggests not a lot of productive work was going on!

Breakfast was nice, and we are now doing some email admin downstairs to allow the maid to service our room. I helped an elderly American guy print out some maps and directions for him getting to Palm Springs. I also got agreement from the hotel to hold on to a bag for me whilst I’m jet setting to Cancun over the next few days.

Popped over to Starbucks which is just across the road; then we walked through Sunset Station which is a poor man’s casino hotel which I guess must be a shed load cheaper than the main strip hotels. We walked on through to the Galleria at Sunset which is a mall. We walked up and down and went in none of the shops!

Walked back – little bit cooler here today which is nice, and we have done our packing and exchanging of bits and bobs, and negotiated over how much stuff I am prepared to take on behalf of Vick since her case is chocker of course.

Will be heading out to the Cheesecake Factory tonight, and I don’t think I am going to have cheesecake!

Well we made it to the Cheesecake Factory ok, and there were so many people waiting for tables, I was quite surprised when we were told it would only be a 30 mins wait for a booth. Grabbed a drink at the bar and we both felt happy to see in the New Year.

Food was good except that my Monster Burrito was tepid at best, so I sent it back. Manager arrived within 2 mins (literally) to apologise. I assumed we would get some sort of reduction off our bill since I had to wait a further 10 mins before getting it back. Anyway I asked for a 50% reduction which the waitress wasn’t initially supportive of, but said she would get the manager over. In the end the manager didn’t turn up, and she presented me with a revised bill with the burrito removed altogether. Anyway, we increased the tip so we probably paid the same amount as if we had paid for the burrito but the waitress got the value of the burrito instead of the restaurant.

Vick took her cheesecake back to the hotel – slowly. We have been running on fumes since we arrived back in Vegas and I want to drop off the car empty if I can (on the basis that we have paid for a full tank of fuel). There’s 7 miles to the rental car return tomorrow morning and we have 17 miles left in the tank. We should be fine…

We stopped off at the hotel bar for a quick drink. We asked the cocktail waitress at the bar (she was the only one serving and making drinks) what cocktails were available – did she have a menu? “Tell me what you want and I can make it for you”. “Pina colada please” “Oh I can’t make pina colada because I don’t have all the ingredients”. Thanks luv…

Watched CNN with Anderson Cooper who were covering New Year in Times Square, and we saw the ticker at the bottom of the screen with tweets, so we both tweeted in, hoping we might see our tweets on screen. It wasn’t long after that we realised the ticker feed was cycling around. What a con… It was my first ever tweet as well!

Saw in the New Year (well according to Times Square – East Coast) and then went to bed. So we made it to 9pm local time.

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