Weekend to the Peak District in Mar 2014

In Mar 2014 we went on our weekend away with friends to the Peak District. We always had a great laugh on our weekends away.

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Tepanyaki in Ridgecrest
Tepanyaki in Ridgecrest
Tepanyaki in Ridgecrest
Tepanyaki in Ridgecrest

Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013: Day 10 – San Diego to Ridgecrest

By Nige on Sat 28 Dec 2013 at 20:34
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Story: Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013
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Time to head out of the city and go somewhere new, on the way to Death Valley. We used our full breakfast vouchers for the full buffet in the Vela restaurant.

It was ok, but I do hate it when you get hot items and have to eat them off a cold plate! We also used our Starbucks voucher prior to leaving as well.

So everything has been great at the Bay Front – definitely will come back here – good price and status members well looked after.

Hitting the road, it took us a long time to reach the I15 – not sure whether we went the best way, but we got there.

We wazzed up the I15 really quickly until we stopped for a toilet stop at the Starbucks near Corona (I think they brew beer there too).

After Corona, progress was slow – we seemed to end up in a big traffic jam – we think that a lot of traffic was heading to Vegas for the New Year.

After that we had to deal with heavy traffic on single lane highways. Finally reached Ridgecrest around 2:30pm. Chilling now.

Selected a restaurant to eat at – the Tokyo House which does tepanyaki style food. We walked the quarter of a mile and it’s a little understated from a furnishing perspective.

But the food was wonderful, and we met a local family who eat here regularly. The chef was great although we didn’t really understand what he was saying to be honest – funny accent.

Planning to get up early tomorrow to head up to Death Valley which could be a further 3 hour drive, so hit the sack reasonably early and remembered to take my Melatonin pills.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday to Las Vegas in Dec 2013

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