Tier Point Run to Phoenix in Jul 2019

Yet another trip to Phoenix for a couple of nights via Bucharest, Heathrow, LA and New York. This one doesn’t include the Helsinki shuffle.

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Beautiful Hawaii
Beautiful Hawaii
Beautiful Hawaii
Beautiful Hawaii

Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013: Day 15 – Honolulu HNL to Los Angeles LAX

By Nige on Thu 05 Sep 2013 at 14:00
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Story: Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013
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Day 15 started badly since I set my alarm clock one hour earlier than it needed to be! 5am instead of 6am. Anyway we had a nice leisurely time on the balcony watching the sun rise with our Starbucks. We reviewed the 50 states and we’ve learnt them off by heart (which is sad I know, but I’ve always wanted to do that.

So for info there are:

  • 4 As – Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona
  • 3 Cs – California, Colorado, Connecticut
  • 1 D – Delaware
  • 1 F – Florida
  • 1 G – Georgia
  • 1 H – Hawaii
  • 4 Is – Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois
  • 2 Ks – Kansas, Kentucky
  • 1 L – Louisiana
  • 8 Ms – Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana
  • 8 Ns – Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico,
  • 3 Os – Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon
  • 1 P – Pennsylvania
  • 1 R – Rhode Island
  • 2 Ss – South Carolina, South Dakota
  • 2 Ts – Tennessee, Texas
  • 1 U – Utah
  • 2 Vs – Vermont, Virginia
  • 4 Ws – Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Filled up the car with gas, dropped it off and got the shuttle to the airport. Straight through Security and into the Lounge, so that Vick could watch the Murray mint in the US Open. Vick not happy after he was knocked out.

Waiting for our flight now leaving at 12:20pm local time – takes a little over 5 hours to get to LA, and it will be 8:50pm when we arrive. Will lose 3 hours in time difference today.

Flight to LAX was fine – we both slept for about 2 hours so time seemed to fly by. Quickly at the hotel shuttle bus stop, but no bus in sight. Had to ring up and was told it was on request, so we had to wait a further 20 mins.

Checked in around 09:30 and shot down to the pool for a late swim in the moonlight – very nice indeed. Tried to pop down to the bar for a quick snack, but it closed at 10pm, so we walked down two blocks to Ralphs where we found B&J’s Strawberry Cheesecake and we got a 6” sub from Subway. All very nice, but won’t really help in our quest to readjust to the new time zone.

Checked in for flight tomorrow – due to leave at 2:15pm.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013

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