Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Nov 2016

Last TP run of the year – just off to Vegas for a short trip. But there’s nothing ‘just’ about Vegas!

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The view of the houses on final approach into New York JFK The view of the houses on final approach into New York JFK

Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Nov 2021: Day 7 – London LHR to Home

By Nige on Wed 17 Nov 2021 at 09:17
Story: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Nov 2021
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Even though I emailed the valet team the previous day, my car wasn’t prepared for me at T5 M&G, so I was walked to where it had been stored.  No apparent issue with the car considering the alarm went off on the day I dropped it and the window was reported as not being closed properly.

Having spoken with the Vickster, I agreed to pick up Starbucks from Didcot on the way home.  The Tesla sat nav directed me through Henley, which led to me hitting a pheasant on the way home.  I was doing 60+ and it just wandered out into the middle of the road.  I braked as hard as I could, but the ABS kicked in and I couldn’t slow down in time.  I heard a thud but couldn’t see anything in my rear-view mirror.  I am assuming it didn’t survive.  I felt horrified – first time that sort of thing has happened to me.

There was a long queue at Starbucks in Didcot, but using mobile ordering allowed me to bypass the queue.  Finally, when I got home I received a lovely welcome from Vick and the cats.

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