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The BA First Wing check-in area at Heathrow T5 The BA First Wing check-in area at Heathrow T5

Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023: Prep

By Nige on Mon 23 Jan 2023 at 08:00
Story: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023
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This is another one of the trips to Hawaii that I booked many months ago and subsequently benefited from American Airlines rescheduling flights. They seem to do that every quarter or so. It allows me to pick different dates/routes/flight times ignoring any fare rules. That has meant that I don’t need to spend quite as much time away from home (and work) as I originally expected.

That’s a bit of an odd thing to suggest being a good thing though. Why would I prefer NOT to spend as much time in Hawaii? Effectively meaning that I only get 36 hours in paradise?

I struggled as normal with the BA covid vaccination documentation upload process. So much so, that having had far too much of BA’s woeful IT systems that I created a Facebook Group: Perhaps a few people may join and share their experiences.

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023

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