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The pool at Hilton Garden Inn in Las Vegas The pool at Hilton Garden Inn in Las Vegas

Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022: Summary

By Nige on Thu 28 Apr 2022 at 10:25
Story: Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022
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Overall, we had a great trip.  Vick missed the cats loads but she was pleased they were only vaguely pleased to see us when we got home.  That meant they didn’t miss us that much whilst we were away.  Big thanks to Jo and Mike for doing the majority of the cat caring and to Catherine/Paula for their stints as well.

BA Flights

The flights to and from Dublin were fine in Club Europe.  Nothing much to mention; the meals offered were pretty tasty.

The flight out to LAX was a little disappointing due to the aircraft change (old First class product), but the service was good and the food was of good quality.  LPG delivery was efficient as well.

The flight back from LAX was exceptional.  It was the new 8 seat First Class suite which Vick was impressed with and the cabin crew were really attentive, even though they highlighted that they had limited staff on board the flight.  First time sharing middle seats in First Class.  The food was good and I enjoyed 3 glasses of LPGS.

The one big disappointment that the cabin crew agreed with us on, was that BA had only loaded 2 beetroot salads and they had been taken by the time we were invited to select from the dinner menu.  Very poor.

Tru by Hilton, Las Vegas

I’ve stayed here before.  It’s fine especially if the better hotel options close by are a lot more expensive.  The rooms are similar to a Travelodge – efficient and not overly comfortable.  There was a limited breakfast service, although to be honest, we were out much earlier than that started. Naturally, good access to Starbucks close by as well.  So not recommended unless you are really stuck for reasonably priced accommodation.

Hilton Garden Inn, Rancho Mirage

We have stayed here on numerous occasions in the past – it’s our go-to hotel in the Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage area.  The room we booked had loads of room and allowed me to safely get up early without waking Vick up.  It has a great swimming pool, which we naturally didn’t use!  With a Cheesecake Factory close by and a Starbucks, it’s a perfect hotel for us.

Hilton Garden Inn, San Diego, Mission Valley

This hotel was the big disappointment.  Partly due to being located so far out of San Diego (our choice) and it was just a bit too cold in San Diego for us to be positive about anything (not the hotel’s fault)!

The suite was big though, so plenty of room.  Not much of a view considering it was a “corner room”.  We had problems with the food/beverage credit.  To be honest, the inhouse restaurant was just a bit odd.  Next time we will book early into a Hilton in the centre of San Diego (as we have done before).

Hampton Inn, Lake Havasu City

There are hotels a lot cheaper and although the room we booked was big, we had issues with the room prep (dirty sheets/bed sheets not changed/flies not having been hoovered up etc).  But it’s in a good position to get access to London Bridge and the Island.

Highly recommended city to visit; fab restaurants and lots of good hiking trails.  Starbucks was close by as well.

Hilton Garden Inn, Las Vegas Strip South

This is our go-to Las Vegas hotel.  It’s comfortable; always clean and close to a Starbucks down the road.  It’s quiet too and so easy to get to. Only getting $10 per person food credit is a poor, but we managed.

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