Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jul 2016

I know, I know – Hawaii again! I just couldn’t help myself. I blamed BA for offering such good sale prices for amazing trips to the other side of the world!

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Seaport village in San Diego Seaport village in San Diego

Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022: Day 5 – San Diego

By Nige on Fri 22 Apr 2022 at 19:01
Story: Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022
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We arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn, Mission Valley at around 10am, knowing that our room would almost certainly not be ready.  That spurred us on into driving into San Diego and having a look around.

We booked parking for $5 in the centre of town and now needed to find a department store so that Vick could buy a sweatshirt.  The jumper she bought wasn’t keeping her warm enough.  Unfortunately, the shopping mall she had visited previously had closed down, so we had to head for Seaport Village to see whether one of the shops down there would sell something appropriate.

A colourful restaurant in San Diego A colourful restaurant in San Diego
A colourful restaurant in San Diego

I bought another t-shirt from Crazy Shirts; Vick couldn’t find anything.

It was nice and sunny in San Diego, but the wind was chilly.  There were lots of people around in Seaport Village and we had walked past a TCF on the way to Seaport, but we decided we would head back to the car and drive up to the Fashion Mall at Mission Valley.  Vick would have a better chance of finding a sweatshirt and we could go to TCF up there instead.

We got a booth at TCF and ordered our favourite salads.  We had managed to leave room for cheesecake this time, so we squeezed a couple of lemon raspberry cheesecakes in, before popping into Macy’s, where Vick found a tasteful sweatshirt.  Everyone was now happy!

More cheesecake at TCF More cheesecake at TCF
More cheesecake at TCF

We headed back to the hotel and eventually they found us a room, where we crashed for an hour or so.  Then it was down to the bar for a drink and some guacamole.  The waitress was very odd but the guacamole was pretty decent.

After that we crashed.

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