Tier Point Run to Indonesia in Jun 2015

This TP Run started last month with our weekend away to Dusseldorf. Heading east to Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and finishing in Jakarta.

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Looking back at our arrival into Los Angeles LAX Looking back at our arrival into Los Angeles LAX

Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022: Day 11 – London LHR to Home

By Nige on Thu 28 Apr 2022 at 10:24
Story: Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022
Tags: Holidays | LHR | London

I popped up to the First Wing and advised BA that due to Vick not feeling that well, we wouldn’t be taking the final flight and they should offload us.  I thought that was the best course of action rather than just leaving it, with BA thinking we would be on the flight.

We picked up the car from Meet & Greet without any issues and then drove to Beaconsfield for a Starbucks and to go shopping at M&S.  However, the tills were not working at M&S, so that effectively killed that idea.

We enjoyed our drinks and drove on to Stadhampton where there is also an M&S.  They didn’t have any such problems, so we bought the minimum we could get away with.

When we finally arrived home, we found the kitties waiting for us in the house.  They were a little unsure as to who we were, but we quickly got back into a rhythm and normal service was resumed.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022

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