Holiday to Miami Tennis in Mar 2015

Heading to Miami for the Miami Masters Tennis tournament. Primarily for Vick, but I popped over to Grand Cayman and Hawaii.

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Seville Seville

Weekend in Seville in Mar 2023: Prep

By Nige on Thu 16 Mar 2023 at 14:20
Story: Weekend in Seville in Mar 2023
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With Covid-19, the pandemic and lockdowns firmly behind us, this was the first time that we could get away with friends and family. With it being a big birthday bash for one of our party and a big age at that (!), we had to go somewhere warm in March, so The Vickster selected Seville.

We have never been to Seville; Andrew and Sam had been previously. Together we expected to go to some tried and trusted tourist sites and to discover some new places too. All with one aim in mind: make it a long weekend to remember for The Vickster!

This trip is a very tame trip in the context of my typical Tier Point Runs. A drive to the airport and one flight to our final destination. It was quite a challenge to get my head around how simple travelling overseas could be. To be honest, I couldn’t find any other way of getting to Seville with BA, so a simple there and back was the plan.

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