Tier Point Run to Hawaii/San Juan in Nov 2014

Another TP run enjoyed in Nov 2014 – I flew out to Hawaii on a week long tier point run. From Hawaii I flew to/from San Juan and then I returned back to the UK.

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Weekend in Seville in Mar 2023: Day 5 – London (LGW) to Home

By Nige on Wed 22 Mar 2023 at 23:30
Story: Weekend in Seville in Mar 2023
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Getting through Passport Control was the standard tragic comedy. Everyone other than little old me managed to get through the automated kiosks. I thought I would give it a go, but was pushed to the “Seek Assistance Queue” as normal.

The Border Control officer was friendly enough and confirmed that there was someone with the identical name that was causing me a problem with the automated kiosks.

We walked through to parking and said our goodbyes to our holiday buddies. We had had a great weekend and we had enjoyed Vicky’s birthday celebrations in some style.

The trip home was fairly horrendous. The M25 wasn’t too bad, although considering it was after 10pm, we would hope it would be fairly easy at that time of night.

The problems really started on the M40, where we hit the worst torrential rain we have ever experienced. At one point for 5 secs or so, we could literally see nothing – it was just a grey-out. Super-scary when you are driving at around 70mph. Luckily with very little traffic on the roads at that point, we were fine.

We arrived home not long before midnight and the cats were a bit surprised at the kafuffle. However, it was clear they were happy to see us. We need to bribe them with a few biscuits to get them back into their bedtime routine and we could hit the sack for some desperately needed sleep.

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