Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Dec 2017

Heading over to Vegas, picking up a car, and driving around the US South West, starting in Las Vegas.

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San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge well into the distance San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge well into the distance

Tier Point Run to San Francisco in Jan 2022: Summary

By Nige on Wed 26 Jan 2022 at 12:13
Story: Tier Point Run to San Francisco in Jan 2022
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Another TP Run under my belt. I’m managing to sneak these in and take advantage of the guaranteed AA schedule changes to minimise the impact on my working life.

Another enjoyable trip – my second in just over two months after a long gap due to the pandemic. Some points worth highlighting:

  • Verifly helped again in dealing with all of the covid-related requirements.
  • Wearing masks continues to be a pain in the rear-end, but I suspect this mandatory requirement is likely to come to an end soon.
  • BA in-flight service was decent again. I’d hesitate to say any more than that – there’s always room for improvement. The CCR at Heathrow and JFK were both great as always.
  • The Hilton hotels I stayed in were good: LHR Hilton Garden Inn is one of my favourites and recently spruced up and I have stayed at the San Francisco Hilton before and it was fine (minor upgrade on to a high floor) with a fab view.
  • The USA was really quiet in and around all the airports – deadly quiet. Perhaps just a hang over from the pandemic and the post-Christmas blues.
  • It’s been a while since I have been to San Francisco, so it was great walking around the place. No sealions but the views are to die for.

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