Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Nov 2019

Another Tier Point run, taking advantage of some of my GGL benefits with an upgrade in to First Class.

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Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022: Day 4 – London LHR to Home

By Nige on Mon 21 Feb 2022 at 20:00
Story: Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022
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In the end I decided not to connect on to the AMS flight. This was partly down to having to wait for 4 hours for the flight and I found out (via an email from BA) that the middle seats in Club Europe were going to be used (to attempt to deal with recent flight cancellations).

That’s not much of a “premium” experience, so it felt more beneficial in picking up my car early and heading home.

No real issues in picking up my car early. It had been left in the multi-storey car park and I could easily locate my Tesla via the Tesla app anyway. I popped into the T5 Meet & Greet reception to let them know I was taking my car early and I was soon on my way.

Driving home was easy enough, although it was a little busy. Good to get home though and see the Vickster and the pussy cats.

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