Tier Point Run to Hawaii in May 2018

This is the BIG ONE! This one takes me to Gold for Life (GfL) with BA Executive Club. The Vickster is coming on her first ever Tier Point Run!

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Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022: Day 1 – Prep

By Nige on Fri 18 Feb 2022 at 08:00
Story: Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022
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This was another one of those trips that had been booked months ago, was then subject to a flight change and I took advantage of being able to rearrange my trip to any date/time as long as there was seat availability.  This time I compressed my trip to minimise the number of days I needed to take off.  That’s led to me only getting half a day in Las Vegas – that’s the shortest I have ever spent at a destination; other than one trip I took years ago to Honolulu when I didn’t actually leave the airport!

Covid Requirements

Another trial in planning the required covid tests.  Restrictions are starting to relax again after a peak of the Omicron variant – we are heading back down to pre-Omicron levels although we are not there just yet.  Still, there are tests to be undertaken a certain number of hours prior to departure time:

  • Flying to Netherlands – fully vaccinated (with booster) – needed an antigen test within 24 hours.  No Verifly to simplify covid documentation verification, but uploaded my covid vaccination evidence and I was good to check in.
  • Flying back to the UK – again, not too challenging as a result of being fully vaccinated.  Just needed to fill in a Passenger Locator Form (PLF).  No need for a Day 2 test, since I would be transferring onto a flight to the US.
  • Flying to the US – over and above being vaccinated, I needed an antigen test within 24 hours.  Luckily, I could use the same antigen test for the flight to Amsterdam and the flight to the US.  The only other (US) requirement was for printing and signing an attestation document, which I did within Verifly.
  • Domestic AA travel – nothing required.
  • Flying back home – no longer any requirement for a return test in support of my JFK-LHR flight, another PLF and a commitment to do a Day 2 test.

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022

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