First Ever Court Case in Jul 2018

Our first ever court case, fighting a parking fine. Bit of a “trial” but a great life experience.

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Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022: Day 1 – Amsterdam AMS to London LHR

By Nige on Fri 18 Feb 2022 at 14:00
Story: Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022
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Doing a back-to-back (B2B) at Amsterdam is just so easy! From Gate D28, I ambled up and down the terminal building before heading back to the gate to await re-boarding on the aircraft I had just de-planed from.  By the time I got back to the gate there was a bit of a hefty queue for priority boarding, but I was able to sneak in close to the front.

Amsterdam Airport Amsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport

Not long after, I was back on board into seat 1F and I hoped the trip back was a little more exciting.  I turned down the offer of food and drink again, so that I could focus on snoozing. Although snoozing is hardly going to be exciting is it?

Flight: BA2759 Equip: A319
Sched Depart: 10:55 Actual: 11:01
Sched Arrival: 11:00 Actual: 11:17
Takeoff: 11:02 Landing: 11:10

I awoke with about 10 mins to go, and it was starting to get a bit choppy with turbulance.  I decided to video the last 10 mins on final approach to try and capture how bumpy it was.  It wasn’t “off your seat” bumpy as I have experienced on an Eastern Airways flight into Stansted about 20 years ago, but the aircraft was all over the shop.  The Vickster would certainly not have been happy.

Looking back at Amsterdam airport after taking off Looking back at Amsterdam airport after taking off
Looking back at Amsterdam airport after taking off

Just after I stopped videoing, some of the passengers started clapping!  It was fairly challenging for the pilot I am sure.  I have since read up about a number of failed attempts at landing, with one aircraft diverting to Geneva!

We arrived into Gate A19 (ish) in the corner of T5A – when we parked up and the airbridge was connected, we all got a sense of how the wind was affecting the airport equipment. Arrivals and Flight Connections were very quiet.  In fact, I’d describe them as completely empty, so there was no hold up in heading up through security and back through Millionaire’s Door into the CCR.

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Las Vegas in Feb 2022

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