Holiday to Yellowstone in Aug 2014

Our first trip to Yellowstone. One of the major national parks we hadn't visited in the US.

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Arriving at Heathrow T5 Arriving at Heathrow T5

Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023: Day 1 – Home to Heathow

By Nige on Thu 26 Jan 2023 at 14:07
Story: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023
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The day got off to a good start: slept to a reasonable time and Mango wasn’t too naughty so there wasn’t too much action needed to avoid her waking up the sleeping Vickster. We enjoyed our coffees in our cafe, before heading to work in the study.

I packed during some downtime and we headed out for a quick cat walk at 11:30am, before I was in the Vickster’s car on my way to Heathrow just before midday. I wasn’t expecting any challenges on the roads and the weather was relatively warm, compared to recent days in Oxfordshire where the temperature had dropped to -6 deg c at times.

Vicks car having been dropped off at T5 Meet & Greet Vicks car having been dropped off at T5 Meet & Greet
Vicks car having been dropped off at T5 Meet & Greet

Arriving into the T5 Meet & Greet parking, it was very quiet and although the team had to look me up due to me arriving 5 hours early(!), check in was easy. It was then a short walk up to The First Wing check in area and I had the opportunity of asking the check in agents why on earth I couldn’t check in online, having uploaded my covid vaccination certificate TWICE and having received an email from BA confirming that it had been accepted TWICE.

BA IT systems fall below the very low bar of being “fit for purpose”. See the earlier post about a new Facebook Group I have setup to discuss the ongoing challenges with BA IT systems!

Follow the whole story here: Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023

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