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This is another one of those mad dashes across the Atlantic, starting in Budapest, to Heathrow, then onto New York and Los Angeles, before a final hop over to Honolulu.

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A beautiful scene on the road heading away from Yachats A beautiful scene on the road heading away from Yachats

Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022: Day 9 – Yachats to Crescent City

By Nige on Fri 12 Aug 2022 at 10:00
Story: Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022
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I think the food last night got the better of me; I was awake for about an hour but managed to get back to sleep.  We finally woke up at 5:30am and put the coffee on, ahead of an early exit at just before 7am.  It was a nice morning, although a little overcast. Certainly not warm enough to put the hood down!

Our Thoughts on the Overleaf Lodge, Yachats

The Overleaf Lodge is an amazing hotel.  It is one of our favourite hotels in any country on any continent.  It’s location is everything; falling asleep to the sound of the waves is just so amazing.  We will come back here again – guaranteed.

Our Thoughts on Yachats

Yachats is a nice little town on the coast.  It’s got a lot more character than many other places on the coast.  It’s also got some nice restaurants and the basics in terms of supermarkets etc.

Yachats to Coos Bay

Having left our beloved Overleaf Lodge very early, we got a clear run through for the first 90 mins or so.  Very little traffic on the road; most tourists drive later in the morning.  The only challenges on the road were the maintenance work being undertaken on the bridges along the route, normally leading to one-way sections of road.

The Starbucks at Coos Bay The Starbucks at Coos Bay
The Starbucks at Coos Bay

Starbucks at Coos Bay was a new store and very nice indeed.  I noticed some issues with topping up my Starbucks app; Second time I asked the Starbucks store to top up my app and noting appeared on my app, which made me wonder whether I have donated 2 x $20 to Starbucks and got no credit for it.

Coos Bay to Crescent City

Back on the road 20 mins later and the next section was a 2.5-hour long drive down to Crescent City.  No particular reason for Crescent City, other than I love the place and Vick hates it!  There used to be a Hilton here, but it was sold a good few years ago. This section of the trip included crossing over into California.  We had to stop and confirm we had no fruit and veg on board.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022

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