Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jan 2023

This is the third in a trilogy of trips to Honolulu in the space of a little over 2 months. This is another trip starting in Budapest and follows the well-trodden path of flying over to Hawaii via London Heathrow, New York JFK and Los Angeles LAX

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Portaloos at Box Canyon State Park Portaloos at Box Canyon State Park

Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022: Day 5 – Early Morning in Twin Falls

By Nige on Mon 08 Aug 2022 at 16:34
Story: Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022
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Another early waking for me and Vick managed a good hour or so longer.  We were not in a rush this morning; our planned drive was another 295 miles or so, but we had an extra hour due to moving time zones from Mountain Time to Pacific Coast Time.

Another early morning start, with a walk to Starbucks near the Perrine Bridge.  It was slightly warmer than yesterday at 16 deg c, although it still felt pretty chilly.  We popped into breakfast at the hotel and had the continental buffet.  It was enough to keep us going until lunch or beyond.

Breakfast at the HGI in Twin Falls Breakfast at the HGI in Twin Falls
Breakfast at the HGI in Twin Falls

We were looking forward to the next section of our road trip, which would take us up to Yachats. One of the primary reasons for changing our destination from Yellowstone was to allow us to get back to the Overleaf Lodge at Yachats. It’s simply one of those places you never forget.

Before we reach Yachats, we have another really nice place to visit and that is Hood River. Another great hotel. Not quite in the same league as the Overleaf Lodge, but great just the same.

Our Thoughts on the Hilton Garden Inn, Twin Falls

The Hilton Garden Inn (HGI) at Twin Falls is a great place to stay.  It’s convenient for access to the Snake River Canyon Rim, which is the primary tourist attraction in the area.  The rooms aren’t that big, but they are comfy and clean.  There’s a Hampton close by, which gives an alternative for Hilton members.

Our Thoughts on Twin Falls

One of our favourite places to stay.  It’s got a view from the Canyon Rim which competes with the Grand Canyon – it’s that good.  If we are ever in this area, we would always make sure we stay here.

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