Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022: Prep

By Nige on Fri 01 Apr 2022 at 11:16
Story: Holiday USA SW Road Trip in Apr 2022
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This is the first time that we have flown together for 18 months. Although, I have dealt with all of the covid testing requirements (as part of my recent TP runs), it’s the first time for Vick. The requirements for flying are fairly well established now and I’d expect it all to die away slowly over the next 6 months or so.Β  The majority of Europe has removed all limitations and it’s just the US that is holding on to insisting on travellers having a negative Covid test within 1 day of travel.

A quick summary of what’s involved for this trip to the USA via Dublin:

  • Flying to Dublin – nothing required.
  • Flying back to the UK – nothing required.
  • Flying to the US – over and above being vaccinated, we needed an antigen test within one day of departure.  The only other (US) requirement was for printing and signing an attestation document, which we did within Verifly.
  • Domestic AA travel – nothing required.
  • Flying back home – nothing required.

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