Tier Point Run to Hawaii in Jul 2016

I know, I know – Hawaii again! I just couldn’t help myself. I blamed BA for offering such good sale prices for amazing trips to the other side of the world!

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The streets of San Francisco The streets of San Francisco

Holiday to the Pacific West Coast in Aug 2006: Day 9 – San Francisco

By Nige on Tue 05 Sep 2006 at 22:00
Story: Holiday to Pacific West Coast in Aug 2006
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Slept well after watching the tennis last night (Hewitt vs Gasquet), but woke at 6am and couldn’t get back to sleep!  So I messed about trying to get my laptop working and managed to wake Vick so she wasn’t best pleased.

What an amazing place San Francisco isWhat an amazing place San Francisco is
What an amazing place San Francisco is

The morning was a dead loss in some respects.  Our package of documents arrived from Florida at the hotel this morning and we had to deal with signatures and finding a Notary to officialise the documentation.  Very stressful but we got it all done by lunchtime.

Headed out and grabbed lunch at a cafe down Bush Street.  Carried on to walk through Chinatown and ended up at Pier 9, then we walked around the piers towards Pier 39.  Generally chilled out and took in the sights.  Gorgeous weather – clear blue skies, warm temperatures yet a nice cool breeze.

Chilling out at Fishermans WharfChilling out at Fishermans Wharf
Chilling out at Fishermans Wharf

Pier 39 was mad busy with tourists, and we came across some entertaining sealions. 

Stopped for a beer at the Blue Mermaid which had an excellent selection of beers. 

Went for the Samuel Adams Boston Lager which slid down without hitting the sides!

Got a taxi back to the hotel and preparing to meet up with one of Vick’s old friends for dinner.

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