Holiday USA West Coast Road Trip in Aug 2022

Following up on our Easter break in April 2022 to the south west of the USA, this trip takes us on a road trip down the west coast of the USA.

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Change Request

Holiday to Pacific West Coast in Jun 2012: Day 19 – CHANGE REQUEST

By Nige on Fri 22 Jun 2012 at 05:14
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Story: Holiday to Pacific West Coast in Jun 2012
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So the big news is that a CHANGE REQUEST has been submitted which is being reviewed at present against budget and timeline.

Fundamental issue was that we were getting a little naffed off with the cold weather.  We need sun and heat, not rain and cold.

So instead of:

  • Staying at Grants Pass for 2 nights, Crater Lake for 2 nights, Yachats for 2 nights, Astoria for 1 night, Olympic National Park for 2 nights, finishing up with Seattle for 1 night and Chicago for 2 nights

We will do the following instead:

  • Stay at Grants Pass for 1 night, head up to Crater Lake and then turn south straight away to head to Sacramento (long drive!) for 2 nights, Fresno for 2 nights, Barlow for 1 night, Las Vegas for 2 nights, catch a flight up to Seattle for 2 nights and finishing off with Chicago for 2 nights

That gives us more sun, more warmth and to be honest more going on in those destinations.

The CR impact assessment was reviewed and approved by the board last night…

Follow the whole story here: Holiday to Pacific West Coast in Jun 2012

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