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The Capitol Building in Washington The Capitol Building in Washington
The Capitol Building in Washington

Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013: Day 17 – Washington IAD to London Heathrow LHR

By Nige on Sat 07 Sep 2013 at 14:00
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Story: Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013
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Didn’t sleep especially well last night. We were up when the alarm went off at 6:30am. Busy day today – careful plan to get us up, into breakfast, onto the shuttle back to the airport, to catch the 5a into DC,

Enjoying a segway tour around WashingtonEnjoying a segway tour around Washington
Enjoying a segway tour around Washington

Then to catch the metro to Foggy Bottom (no it’s not Vick in the ladies after a heavy night out), and on to the Segway guided tour. Really looking forward to that. Last significant event of the holiday.

Segway guide was called Mark and was ok – not as good as previous Segway guides we have had – fairly new to the job. Saw all the normal sights, and it was really great to be back on the National Mall with the monuments, Capitol Hill and the White House, but ended up being 15 mins late getting back so that made us rush our planned visit to Chop’T and then we had to catch a taxi back to the hotel.

Amazing views in WashingtonAmazing views in Washington
Amazing views in Washington

The taxi driver initially took us to the wrong airport hotel. In fact it was the wrong airport! So after a detour, and then I had to use his phone to look up the telephone number for the hotel so that he could ring them and ask them how to get to the hotel, we finally settled on a reduced bill and no tip when we finally arrived!

Anyway got back in decent time for a shower and the shuttle back to the airport. Now safely through Security and sitting in the lounge at IAD.

Follow the whole story here: Holiday to Hawaii in Aug 2013

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